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We offer a fine selection of artisan produced glassware art.

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Hamm feed

Hamm is to us the mad scientist behind functional glass. His impact on design and shaping is probably not easily measurable but very evident. We focused on his scientific series this time, but expect alot more eclectic mix in the future...

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hamm 13in micro mini sci bubbler this is a 13 inch tall "micro mini" scientific bubbler. this is a true hamm fans piece. it is basically a mini replica of the larger size scuentific bubbler. a fully functioning scale model if you will. Product Details
19in scientific kettle bubbler Very classy piece here. This is sort of old meets new. You have the classic kettle bubbler base shape with the "new" scientific bubbler Hamm creates on the top. This is disc diffused and also has a "coffee maker style" peculator on the top. Product Details
18in hamm scientific bubbler this is a mid sized scientific so its easily a daily driver. it has the disc in the can and then the hurricane perc of course.definitely the jewel of any collection. Product Details
24in scientific hurricane bubbler Our LARGEST Sci Bub outta this batch. This bubbler has the feel and pull of a champ. The machine gun like feel matched with the razor sharp marias make this a killer combo. Product Details
21in classic top perc scientific bubbler this is a classic scientific with an added "top perc" to the hurricane perc. it also has the disc diffuser that comes standard in all the scientifics. the joint is 14mm. Product Details
14in micro mini scientific bubbler roughly double the size of our smallest yet still 14in tall. the dimensions have just been blown out a little wider for those who dont want the smallest yet dont need a monster. another perfect addition to any collection. the joint is 9mm so it comes with Product Details
19in classic scientific bubbler w/ hurricane perc this ladies and gentleman is your classic sci design.not as big as your monsters and def not as small as the micro minis this is basically perfect. disc deiffused with a hurricane perc of course. the joint is size 14mm. Product Details