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We offer a fine selection of artisan produced glassware art.

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Marbleslinger feed


Marbleslinger has been at it since the begining almost...his body of work is definitely reaching epic porportions, and there is no end in sight. We are very proud to host him here and be able to bring his glass to the masses.

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Zooey Deschanel 14.4mm Zooey Deschanel Gong Style bowl fits a 14.4mm Product Details
Girl With A Gun 18.8mm Marbleslinger Girl with a gun GonG style Bowl Product Details
Zooey Deschanel 18.8mm Zooey Deschanel design... Product Details
Girl With A Gun 14.4mm Marbleslinger's Girl with a gun Gong Style 14.4mm bowl Product Details
Morton Assault Girl 18.8mm The morton Assault Girl Marbleslinger GonG style 18.8mm sandblasted bowl Product Details
Flying Skull 14.4mm A flying skull Sandblasted 14.4mm GonG style Bowl Product Details
Two Women 14mm Marbleslinger Sandblasted GonG Style Bowl Two Women Product Details
The Bike King 14mm The bike King Sandblasted 14.4mm Gong Style Marbleslinger Creation Product Details
Fearless Vampire Killers 14.4mm The fearless Vampire Killers Sandblasted GonG style 14.4mm Marbleslinger creation Product Details
14mm collab ash catcher this a very requested collab thats actually very rare. the famous biggie pac stencils by sling on a hops 14mm ash catcher. there arent very many of these babies so grab them while you can if youve been witing! Product Details
scarjo 14mm slide scarlett johansen stencil Product Details
Campbells Soup Can 14mm slide the one and only campbells soup can stencil... Product Details
model stencil 18mm one of the new stencils hes working with these days... Product Details
novus ordo slinger 14mm grab it while you can this aint gonna last long buried on here... Product Details
dali clock 18mm famous dali melting clock slide Product Details
crystal castles 18mm singer of the band crystal castles immortalized on a sling slide Product Details
model #02 14mm Product Details
sherlock holmes 18mm sherlock holmes slide 14mm Product Details