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We offer a fine selection of artisan produced glassware art.

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FYC feed

We are so beyond stoked to adding this crew to the fullmeltglass line up.. compromised of Toro.... Slinger.... and Snic...

These are tubes that go beyond the realm of a normal everyday Tube.. these are truly collector items..



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Campbells soup can TC more from the FYC crew.. Toro , Slinger and Snic get together for these incredible electroformed/blasted Toro's This one is a Campbells Soup can on an 8 arm Tree Product Details
Crowned Skull TC SHowerhead TC with FYC electroformed/Blasted Crowned Head Product Details
Aztec God TC The aztec god electroformed and blasted into a toro 8 arm perc TC... Product Details
Dali Clock 8 arm TC 8 arm Perc , Electroformed/blasted TC FYC snic Sling Toro Product Details
FYC LOGO TC FYC LOGO 8 arm Tree perc Toro TC Product Details
Winged Skull 8 arm tree perc with Winged Skull electroformed and blasted into side.. PIMP!!! Joint size: 18.8 mm Product Details
Fixed Straight Double Shower head Stained Skull with Crown Fixed Straight Double Showerhead with a Stained Skull with Crown FYC seriously representing this one out.. The best of everything!!! Product Details
Fixed straight Double shower with Copper Snowflake 16inchs tall this Extremely beautiful Shower head to Shower head Toro with FYC electroformed/blasted Copper Snowflake... Product Details
Fixed straight Double Tree Perk Stained Soup‏ Fixed straight 6 arm perc to 8 arm Perk Stained Soup‏ Product Details
Fixed straight double shower head Copper Soup A double shower fixed straight toro tube.. fully electroformed and blasted into this beautiful Copper Campbells soup can. Product Details
Fixed Straight double showerhead Soup Can A fixed straight double showerhead Electroformed/blasted Toro Snic Slinger Toro Product Details
FYC-Fixed Straight Double Showerhead Stained Winged Skull‏ a Fixed Straight Double Showerhead with stained Winged Skull Product Details
Fixed Straight Showerhead Copper FYC‏ a Fixed straight Showerhead with Copper FYC logo. Product Details
JP Perc Patina FYC logo a new and unique type of perc.. a JP perc which is basicaly a shower that has been pinched... ( or so snic tells me) FYC Logo... Only one like it!!! Product Details
Fixed Straight Showerhead Soup Can a fixed straight showerhead with campbells soup can logo Product Details
Fixed Straight Tree Copper Snowflake‏ a Fixed Straight Tree perc with Copper Snowflake Product Details
FYC-Fixed straight Showerhead Copper Dali‏ a beautiful copper Dali clock on Fixed Straight Showerhead Toro with electroform/blasted Dali clock Product Details