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We offer a fine selection of artisan produced glassware art.

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Salt is one of those artists that comes along and turns everything on its head and seems to inspire just about everyone that sees his work. His sculpting seems to have no limits. His characters are constanly evolving and changing, but always familiar and recognizable as one of his. As with most of the artists we carry, he blurs the line very heavily between production work and "Headies".

We are extremely proud and excited to offer Salt on FMG...

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snapper slide black joint size: 18mm black joint Product Details
Red chillum/1 hitter size: 4 inches long color: red Product Details
A-OK snapper joint size: 18mm Product Details
white saltini snapper joint size: 18mm Product Details
white salt dry color: white with eye marble pocketable: very much so... Product Details
green dry creature color: green size: 4x2x2 Product Details
white maggot dry color: white with eyeball marble size: 6x2x3 Product Details
antler slide color: like a space antler
size: 4x1x2
joint size: 14mm Product Details
red flaming hand snapper color: like a flaming hand size:2x2x2
joint size: 14mm Product Details
black snapper with eye size: 2x2x2
color: black
joint size: 14mm Product Details
space squid dry with eye size:5x3x4
color: green and red like a normal space squid Product Details
white snapper full set if teeth size: 2x2x3
color: white Product Details
fully teethed claw snapper color: blue, amber. green
size: 4x3x3
joint size: 14mm Product Details
red snapper color: red
joint size: 14mm Product Details
hammer head snapper color:blue pink and white
joint size: 18mm
size:3x3x3 Product Details
dragon dry color: blue green white
size 6x4x4 Product Details
white snapper with teeth color: white
joint size: 18mm
size: 3x3x3 Product Details
dead tree/anterlike dry color: space antler
size: 7x4x4 Product Details
dragon head dry with eye size: 6x4x4
color: red Product Details
red elephant snapper joint size: 14mm Product Details